Monday, June 11, 2012

The Devils

"We live in a counterrevolutionary time, in a counterrevolutionary land. Whether or not to resist is only a matter of conscience and personal style." - last words of James Carville before being executed by bandito Paul Krugman, Cash Mountain

"Violence is to politics as roses are to Valentines Day: without it, I'm just not sure you mean it." - Ray Kelly

"Violence is embarrassing!" - the NYRB

"Intellectuals cannot accept that politics is not a beauty contest of ideas. It's a way of life that culminates in cruel and anonymous death" - David Graeber the Barbarian

"The pike doesn't care how smart you are." - Generalissimo Larry Summers, redecorating Harvard Yard

"We've all been raised to believe that Leftism is a collection of opinions, a body of thought, rather than one side of an always unfolding social war." - a rattled Peter Beinart getting off track while teaching his sons Hebrew school class

"The problem with the radical Western intelligentsia is that everyone wants to be the leader, above all those who don't want there to be any leaders." - Rafael Correa to his Native servant

"Barbarians have freedom, but subjects of empire have greatness." - Christiane Amanpour, Libya

"The Renaissance to Present is just flashes of wonder amidst the typical death grind." - Bill Clinton, Adult Video News Awards

"We'll die one day, and none of this will have mattered."
"It won't have mattered because of you."
"I'd like to believe that. At least that would have been something."
- Barack Obama in a rare moment of honesty to the Cleveland Five

"We are all Anne Hathaway." - Bill Ayers on the failure of Occupy

"I hope your death is as pretty as my shoes." - Antonio Banderas defending the King

"I mean, gosh, I've really just come to admire people who do bad things." - Charlie Rose

"I say we're gonna whip up a posse and hunt down that runaway public employee!" - Mayor Clint Eastwood

"I know we're winning, but it still depresses me that we haven't come up with a single new idea since Secession." - a tearful Sen. Bob Corker to a tender David Koch

"You see, my boy, people were just more evil then."
"That sounds horrible, grandpa!"
"No, grandson. It was wonderful."
- Tagg Romney explaining the Resource Wars to his grandchild Willard Romney Xerxes

"Obviously the best feeling is that of crushing your enemies. But helping people also has its rewards-as a demonstration of strength and the terrifying arbitrariness with which one can shift between cruelty and magnanimity." - T. Boone Pickens to his Team

"You're a monster, and you'll be first against the wall. I won't hesitate to give the order. But I will remember you fondly." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Antonin Scalia, Massachusetts State Convention on the Equal Rights Amendment

"Freedom, like chemotherapy, is an acquired taste." - Christopher Hitchens

"Look, kid, I'll be honest with you. The Left is fucked. We don't have a chance in hell. So just be true to yourself. Don't martyr yourself if you don't want to. But if you want to, then by all means do." - Bob Avakian

"I think this might be the post that finally gets you that gig on the RT!" - Julian Assange

"Without coercion there is no victory." - the Editors on whether to necklace readers who are sympathetic to the blog's goals but have not Liked its Facebook page

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