Monday, January 23, 2012

In Vestro Este Morte

'I knew the risks of conceiving in the sweater-vest, and I swelled with intoxicating lust' R.S. on the Vest-Stillbirth Corollary, Harvard Journal of Psychology

'There is no light in winter. There is no summer in Pennsylvania.' Turgid Romney on A Vested Interest: Musings on the Power of the Dead-Child Army

'Pooie. Damn fuzz. Always muckin' up a good soup. Why. Damn, just why.' Rick Perry, set of Film Socialisme, January 2012.

'Juliet. juliet. This--no look here, Look--this is your brother, Polyester-Lycra-Cotton Santorum. Christ re-purposes us through grief; guilt. I brought you here to show you the power of truest love; my wonderful love for your younger brother. And your absen--NO! stay outside the circle.' Sacred Realm, basement of Santorum compound, the day had no date.

'My campaign? Really? Already? Mm. This vest shows it loves me deeper than imaginable. Whew! Warm right now. Warm with God's love.' Santorum, February 8, 2012, Occupy Auckland.

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