Tuesday, January 17, 2012

American Graffiti

"This movie will do for black men what War Horse did for horses!" - George Lucas

"This makes Munich look like ET, you always bring it, man." - Steven Spielberg, interrupting an important game of Starcraft 2 to praise the Maestro

"I pitched it as Treme in the skies of World War II. Obviously we didn't do that." - Anthony Hemingway

"Are you fucking kidding me?" - Samuel L. Jackson, asked if he'd like to star and direct

"I can't decide whether to feel bad for refusing to pay for this retarded, overbudget piece of shit because I didn't believe that a movie with an all black cast would get any play overseas, or whether to feel good for refusing to pay for this retarded, overbudget piece of shit because it's a retarded, overbudget piece of shit." - Harvey Weinstein

"With this movie, I'm returning to the formula that made Empire and Jedi so successful: just paying for everything and taking all the credit without even showing up on set." - George Lucas

"I mean, gosh, sure, I appreciate the gesture." - Harry Belafonte embarrassed and confused as to why George Lucas has so ardently solicited his opinion
Tuskeegee Airman Grounded for NYPD Stop and Frisk
"Eh, you know." - Lawrence Fishburne from on top of Cash Mountain

"I just want to play roles in stuff that's near fire." - Bryan Cranston

"I am Cuba Gooding, Jr.!" - a jar of peanut butter

"I have truly been outclassed." - Will Smith

"A whole generation of black children are growing up listening to me, with Barack Obama as their president, thinking, at least for a while, that they have already overcome. And this is their movie." - Kanye West

"...and Bryan Crantson gives a great turn as a racist, Hispanic major who--"
"He's not Hispanic."
"Bryan's character is not Hispanic."
"Yes, he is."
"No, he isn't."
"Well, but Bryan's Hispanic."
"Bryan's Hispanic."
"Bryan Cranston is not Hispanic."
"Yes, he is."
"No, he isn't."
"But what about in Breaking Bad? In Breaking Bad he's--"
"--he's not Hispanic."
- George Lucas and Terrence Howard at a tense press conference

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