Monday, April 2, 2012

More Praise for Teh Internets!

It's like fucking your ex. You don't feel good about it, but you can't stop doing it.
We're in another issue of The New Inquiry.
At least stay for breakfast, won't you?


"Hot fucking action!" - Bill Clinton

"I bring my own mouse to my baby's house." - a disturbed Paul Allen

"I'll take the internet seriously when it's clean." - Julian Assange

"My first roommate at Occidental was a computer."
"My mother was a computer, that's why she never loved me!"
- Barack Obama and Erik Schmidt

"People don't want infinite knowledge, they want infinite smooth. Stop crying and just give in to 'this week.'" - Tim Cook

"If I ever burst in on my teenage child while they were in the bathroom reading this, I'd have some serious questions." - Sen. Scott Brown

"It's important to be dismissible. You don't want the wrong people taking you seriously." - TNI Editor Malcolm Harris

"You know, you’re right, ever since AIDS got under control fucking just isn't as fun." - Greg Louganis

“Sure, it would be sort of convenient to read all magazines and everything on one goddam smooth-ass sex coaster, but I'd miss the books and their sturdy but erotic spines.” – Jeff Bezos

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