Monday, April 2, 2012

The End of Culture

"Affluent people should have the decency not to tell their own stories. " - Lena Dunham to Woody Allen

"I have let my life slip through the cracks." - Billy Crystal

"If you can't be free, at least you can be idle." - Amy Chua on her daughter's wedding day

"I'm a living tigerskin rug." - Peter Dinklage

"The Baby Boomers will take us all down with them if they can." - a grave Justin Timberlake

"Come on, white people, we got to stick together!" - Charles Murray

"There's no call for such pessimism in this Age of Reform!" - Michelle Rhee addressing a Blackwater annual retreat

"Just because things are better than they used to be doesn't mean they aren't getting worse." - Jean Dujardin

"Don't look. Don't wait. I'll find you." - a disconcerting postcard from David Lynch

"If I don't die, I'll die!" - Lawrence Summers

"He thought to himself, 'This can't get any worse.' Alas, dear reader, not only could it—it necessarily had to." - Jeremy Lin

“No more irresponsible than a robot firing a missile at a funeral procession.” - Barack Obama on the practice of fake quotes

"Finally something for Evil People to read!" - Justice Antonin Scalia on the blog


  1. did you write this while on vacation in san francisco?

  2. No one at this blog takes vacations.