Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Occupy LV-426

"Ain't no labor laws in space!" - Boss Cameron

"I hope you enjoy your bullshit yuppie life in Manhattan with Helen Hunt now that you've doomed the goddam mission!" - Roger Ebert accosting Paul Reiser at the Telluride Film Festival

"My name has become a killing word." - Willard "Maud'Dib" Romney

"Make love to my perfect robot body." - Callista GinGinch in Metropolis

"Some people cannot be tamed. They never fit in to civilization, but thrived at its margins, in war zones, prisons, corporate boardrooms, desert wastes. Now the world is theirs. The drone attacks, the night raids, the slave drivers, the hunger and the scarcity... these things one can bear. But what's really scary is, some people have been waiting their whole lives for this." - Ron Paul, Outer Heaven

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