Monday, April 9, 2012

General Strike

"I've been waiting my whole life for this." - posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Bill O'Reilly before battling with anarchists

"I'll never shit again!" - Roger Ailes, Fox News Crater

"This isn't about making a better world. This is about revisiting on society the violence society has done to us." - George W. Bush storming his father's estate, Occupy Kennebunkport

"You can get anything you want in this city, but if you want to be Free, don't move to New York." - Michael Bloomberg

"Those who cannot be governed shall be ruled." - Ray Kelly

"Last month was the hottest March in U.S. history." - Gavrilo Princip at a forest fire

"What really matters is the intractable conflict in the Sudan." - George Clooney

"I didn't serve two tours in Afghanistan for this!"
"You didn't serve two tours in Afghanistan for anything."
- a veteran and Dick Cheney

"What we do know is that no order to fire was given. It seems that the drone acted independently." - Barack Obama, emergency broadcast

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