Monday, April 23, 2012


"Morning Commute: Notes for a Symphony: the roar of passing trains, the metallic scream of their breaks, the terrified silence of my fellow drones, the blaring of alarms as we rush through the emergency doors to work. If this isn't hell, I don't know what is." - Michael Bloomberg, Ruled Notebooks

"Why don't we stuff avocado in everything!" - California while going 50mph on the highway

"I often sneak into the worst wards in the hospital, to the notable patients, and whisper in their ears: 'All glory is fleeting.'" - Dr. Bill Frist, Memphis M.D

"President Roosevelt isn't crippled, Jimmy. He's the New Man." - Lilian Gordy Carter

"Gentleman, the secessionist hick is the wrong kind of hick, and it is not the kind of hick we embrace in our state." - Parson Brownlow, East Tennessee Congress of 1861

"No use shitting on mud." - Sen. Jeff Sessions, privately, on whether to renew any Federal funding for the state of Alabama

"What if freedom means not merely economic freedom but also freedom from economic necessity?" - note from Ronald Reagan's secret diaries, burned by Milton Friedman

"Cory Booker is the new Ryan Gosling." - Anthony Weiner

"Whether to legalize ultimate fighting is, like whether to require transvaginal ultrasound before abortion, a technocratic question rather than a moral one."  - Gov. Robert McDonnell

"My ideal woman is a man." - a pro-life politician

"Well, if it's our police state, then I guess I'm for it." - a real American

"You can't speak truth to power because it is power that speaks." - Jumaane Williams

"We are all George Zimmerman." - Charles Murray

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