Sunday, April 15, 2012

Digital Book Fumes

"Books are filthy." - Jeff Bezos

"I think I want to spend my thirties in villainy." - Mark Zuckerberg rowing a gondola with Tim Cook

"First comes villainy, then, gangsterism." - Bob Hoskins at Wimbledon

"Shut up baby, leave it! We've got to escape the city, Robert Caro is in town!!!" - David McCullough and a showgirl flee Las Vegas Kindle Konference

"Fucking power!" - Robert Caro punching his editor over a semi-colon

"I just didn't find any of the characters likeable." - a 15-year-old girl, forced by Jonathan Franzen to criticize Proust in a room rapidly filling with water

"Nook, tablet, Kindle, I-anything; the only question I have is, where's the fucking sex?" - Norman Mailer in Hell

"Scan your mother. If the app says she's cheaper on Amazon we'll ship you a new one for free! Today! Send us any outmoded physical representation of your dreams, and get a free Amazon gift card." - Satyr Jeff Bezos upon a throne of jade

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