Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Equity Regards Done What Ought to Be Done

"Mr. Chief Justice and may it please the court, your honor, this case is all about me." - Randy E. Barnett, libertarian legal mind

"Do I look like a redneck to you, counsel?"
"With all due respect, Justice Scalia, you don't really have a neck at all." - oral arguement, Mennonites v. Astral Crustacaean

"Birth control, just freaks me the fuck out, okay?!"
- Justice Samuel Alito

"I'm so high I can see my house from here." - Justice Clarence Thomas

"But your honor, the balls and the strikes!"
"'Balls and strikes, balls and strikes!' Grab a cricket bat counsel we're playing by my goddam rules!" - Chief Justice Roberts

"We are all terrorists now." - Justice Sotomayor, dissenting

"Ain't no such thing as justice. S'only procedure." - Antonin Scalia, gaucho

"General Verilli, I'm something of an activist. How 'bout I just come down there and slap the dick out of your mouth, so someone can make this argument stick!!!" - Justice 'Red Steve' Breyer

"My childless womb aches for the women of this land." - Justice Elena Kagan

"But if the young are forced to buy healthcare coverage they'll have to pay for it, and they won't be benefiting themselves they'll be helping those who get sick first—"
"Yeah, it's called insurance, popinjay."
- Justice "Hookah" Ginsburg to Justice Alito

"Make my body your body." - National Health Dictator Michelle Obama

"Sometimes terrorists drive with broken tail lights. Now everyone get naked!!!!" - Justice Kennedy

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