Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hull Breach

Kris Kristofferson, A Wave Is A Moving Wall, 2011, installation
Look inside yourself
Race darkness to the bottom
Black, black, black, black, black
- Jimmy Carter, The Prison Notebooks
"A Spider is a Wall with eight legs." - Patrick Stewart, shackled to the mast, Delos

"I have no interest in happiness yet I lack the vital strength to do something heroic." - Bradley Cooper

"Man, I saw a glimpse of it. It's sort of like how good it'd be if ladies stopped all shavin'." - Capt. Rick Parry on almost surpassing the Wall while riding the Great Wave in his schooner, Asian Nigger

"It is so deeply satisfying to plant one's seed in one's enemy." - August Strindberg in an aside at his daughter's birthday party
Don't swallow the razorball
Razorball, razorball
Don't swallow the razorball
Or you'll never speak again
- Bruce Springsteen (to the tune of 'Pop Goes the Weasel')
"Maybe I could be like Kris Kristofferson." - Ryan Gosling

"I am both Wall and Super Wall." - lesbian John Roberts

"I'm not... going to make it home... for the Cherry Blossom festival... am I?" - John Boehner, murdered by bandits on Route 11 in Cormac McCarthy's adaptation of D.W. Griffith's Intolerance

"If you can no longer believe in truth, then become intimate with evil." - Steven Spielberg

"If, as we will all agree, people are essentially bad, then there must be something pathological about any act of good." - Sen. John McCain calling for intervention in Syria

"Just go on fucking with out me. " - the Editors, Dear John Letter to the World

"Sex is its own abstinence." - Vile Santorum
Chastity, honor, strength!
For Jerusalem and the Knights of Netanyahu!
For Islam!
For the mystics revelation of National Truth!
For the Cult of Personality!
For the Rappers!
Castro! Ice! Women! Trombones!
- Rubén Blades performing on the Costa Concordia in Hell

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  1. i wish i could write like all the people you plagiarize.