Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Praise for The New Inquiry!

We've done it again, please don't hit us! Subscribe to The New Inquiry Magazine. Read our contribution. Enjoy the quotes that were too hot for TNI!


“Even as I read it, I feel the youth in me again...” - Sting

“Young people are best appreciated in quiet rooms.” - Willard Romney

“If you're looking for uncontroversial opinions on obvious topics, look no further!” - The New York Review of Books

“I just want to fuck the shit out of these kids.” - Dan Savage

"You wanna talk about youth? I've seen Grease like fifty times, man." - Rick Parry

"Youth is a curse." - Karl Rove

"We should unionize."
"But what about the kids?!"
- two employees of the Princeton Review

"Whip me again!" - Rob Horning on Capitalism

“Well, I don’t know about an endorsement, but I’ll give this Rachel Rosenfelt whatever she wants.” - Michel Houellebecq

"Youth? Name your damn price." - Sky Briggs

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