Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Your Mouth for His Hands

"What if I created something out of bounds? Something I couldn't control. It represents my secret wish and my doom all in one. Wolfowitz told me the Jews call it... Golem."
– Karl Rove sweating uncontrollably at the Ranch, Paint Creek, TX

"With one foot I walk the path of Righteousness, and with the other the path of Wickedness, following in the footsteps of the Christs, seers, and kings who came before, leading me to the palace of Glory."
– Rick Parry

"Drinking red wine so early, I'm surprised, Govern–"
"It's blood."
– Karl Rove and Rick Parry

"There is nothing on this earth like a boy gymnast's ass."
– President Parry, 2016 Rio Olympics

“Al Jaz calls Perry the ‘French cuff cowboy,’ which, I have to say, only makes me like him more.” – Anderson Cooper

"Do you love me, Rick?"
"You know, Jazz makes me want to dress like a better man."
– Anjelica Huston, Rick Parry

"When I listen to Bach, especially the keyboard works, it confronts me with the perfection of human Reason and makes me indifferent to the suffering of my fellow man."
- Duke Rick Parry

"After our debate I lost the one thing that has stayed true in my public life: I could no longer light trees afire with my mind."
- Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

"Vacuums cannot exist for God is everywhere." - Dr. Rick Parry

"I met him at the Governor's Conference one year. I told him how I played with Prince one night at that club, but he just laughed and gurgled, 'I fucked Morris Day!'" - Tim Polenta

"Evolution is a swindle on your daughter! Make sure she gets her shot, or she'll get the box pox!" - Rick Parry

"Play ball! Make love!"
- Rick Parry, Little League Baseball World Series

" can't look at it without feeling like you're touching it, you can't touch it without not knowing what you're feeling. The same glare reflects off an oiled bare arm and snakes' green scales. You'd have to be a real dolt not to find the confusion frightening, erotic. Inside that image is all the beauty she will ever lose, the beauty that has rendered her invisible, at times even to herself, though in losing it she will find no respite, no residue of a true self--ugly but loveable--left behind, because the appearance of being-there is all that ever was. 'Take, take, take,' said their eyes, and the harder they grasped at it the more her heart constricted in retreat until–though not 'at last'–it fell into itself and grew ever harder and more compact, warping everything around it and dragging it all down in the deepening hole. If you put your finger in, you would never get it back... "
- Rick Parry emerging after forty nights in the desert

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