Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charlie Rose Interviews Classic Golfer's Reasoning

"I'm taking my tie off because this is the pure shit. Arnold Palmer, the whole world in front of him, champion of golf, what wouldn't you fuck?" - Charlie Rose

"We did everything you could together. One time we experimented like Prussians on a drifter." - Phil Mickelson, on the verge of tears, discussing his departed golfing guru Green McKnave

"What so electrified people about your golf connection, you were looked on like lightning, are you a locomotive?" - Rose in the Last Rec Room

"Assess your swing, lord of metal."
"I had a system. I could feel the fear in the ball. Everything was like a tidal wave destroying a village, and I was the physic. I am the damn golf."
"An early influence, a violent encounter?"
"I learned my swing from an old blind veteran, who learned his from a negro what he freed during the War Between the States!"
"But that was just the beginning....?"
"One time, I'll tell you, me and Bob Drummond, you know the story..." ::Rose laughs knowingly:: "...I bogeyed after 12 games and Bob gave me his crystal driver..."
"Right, right..." ::chuckles::
"I drove the green 10,000 yards, 12 bronchial puts, a lard biter, and the crowd kept growing. Well, here comes old Bob. I says, 'What are you doing here?' He shoots my caddy with a mauser and we just broke up."

"Jack Nickalus: when did you meet, she sells, make it?"
"Well, Jack is younger than me and has the look of the hasidim. We really hit it off and became true foes. Charlie..." ::chuckles:: "...I'd sacrifice all my children to make him serve me the head of Tiger Woods like John the Baptist."
- Rose and Arnold Palmer

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