Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boom Time for Roofin' in Virginia

"Sufferin' succotash, what was that?" - Rep. Barney Frank, Boston, MA

"Shatterin' china and swaying chandaliers in Dixie, oh my Lo'd have mercy me!" - Sen. Richard Burr

"Did you feel that?"
"Yes! I felt it! It was so erotic!"
"I can't feel anything."
"Yes, I noticed your face didn't jiggle."
- Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner
Tuesday-Sized Earthquake Gently Jostles East Coast
- Los Angeles Times
"...for a fleeting moment everything felt right with the world..." - from the opium diary Michael Bloomberg

"Turn off the dark!" - Julie Taymor, awaking with a start

"Jesus Christ, calm down, you people are acting like a bunch of Los Angelinos in the snow." - Frank Sinatra Jr. in a bathrobe, Midtown Manhattan

"I told you you'd pay, you bitch." - Jimmy Carter seen shaking his fist at the National Cathedral

"What the hell now it's just a shake, why aren't you kids back in school?"
"Twitter said that the wrath of God makes the social compact no longer viable." - Arne Duncan and a group of adolescents, Washington D.C.

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