Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Among Men Only/Skinny Girls Whinging

"Let's get off!" - Jeff Goldblum, prepping on the set of The Fly

"Nah, bro, we can fuck each other as long as its part of the ritual!"
- Johann Gottfried von Herder to J. W. Goethe during the Rites of Naked Devilry

“Men are lonely, but women are objects.”
“You won’t be lonely when you’re dead.”
- Judd Apatow, Ryan Gosling

"I thought I had the VD the other day, but it turned out I just really had to pee."
"Yeah, well, my baby don't film me no more."
- Norman Mailer and Robert Frank eating cake

“Will you sink my battleship?” – Nick Clegg to David Cameron

"It was watching Basic Instinct that first got me interested in politics."
- Michele Bachmann

"Life begins at sodomy." - Michael Douglas

"Goddamn, four miles on the mill and the steel machine! The gym looks out over the pool, there was a sullen skinny brunette and a big nasty blonde!"
“Women are only beautiful when they cry.”
"I don't know, crying women frighten me. I think it stems from seeing my mother having a couple crying jags from the stress of getting screaming children to school."
"Entirely understandable. I probably would have killed you."
"Yeah, she handled it better than I would have. 'Senator Arrested for Smoking Joint with Children in HOV Lane.'"
"That puts me in mind of the time we smoked out your van."
"Oh, man, I got in trouble for that. Whatever, Mom and Dad, I got laid!"
- the Editors

“Whoever writes this piece of shit need to stop sublimated and just get on OK Cupid.” – Admiral Mike “Dad” Mullen

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  1. Damn Admiral I'm on OKCupid will you come to my goddamn games now?!