Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sky Briggs, Putin of Newport

"Sky Briggs is an unstoppable thunderball." - Sophia Loren

"Siberian Tigers make great pets." - Sky Briggs

"I can only fly in Maryland, but you'll fly high." - Sky Briggs, licensed Maryland pilot

"I'd be nothing without Sky Briggs." - Abraham Lincoln

"Yeah, I made love with a mantee." - Sky Briggs

"Sky Briggs hunts women for sport." - Ban Ki-moon

"His dick looks like something you'd buy at Sears." - Anna Chapman

"Sky Briggs finances children's education by stealing bronze piping." - Michael Vick

"Hardwalkin, fastswimming, bigslappin, dolphin fuckin, claimjumpin Sky Briggs" - Sky Briggs Memorial Park Monteplier, Vermont

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