Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brooklyn Is For Strangers

"Today on the subway another week of sadness came to its exhausting end. After my last night's work, I had done what any New Yorker does when they are inconsolable and alone: I had dinner with my ex. It was therapeutic. Having finally purged myself of the murderous negativity that had built up over sleepless nights, I peacefully read the latest posthumous article by Tony Judt in the NYRB. The article was about trails. I love trains, and I was on a train. I love public spaces. As the train approached my station, the highest elevated in the city, I looked up. Across from me was a beautiful, young woman quietly crying. Select tears slalomed down her cheeks. Tendrils of hair about her shoulders. Eyes glimmering like oil slicks on the Gowanus Canal. Only two hours prior I might thrown my arms around this unfortunate creature. I might have told her everything. I might have said, 'I know you, and I do not know you. I also suffer. You are not alone.' But now all I could feel was relief. Relief that she and I were no longer the same. Relief that I was no longer the same as her. There is no healing in this city. We only shuffle around our sorrows. The only change is the entropic increase of suffering as time ruins everything. I got off the train. I walked home. I knew then that we all die alone."
- Karl Rove

"Ryan Gosling is the new Heath Ledger." - Michelle Williams

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