Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Editors Go To Egypt

"Vilija, fire up the Ski-doo! We're going to Cairo to crack some heads!" - Vladimir Putin

"If we must ride to Cairo, I will not spare the Sphinx this time." - Sarkozy

"I built this tank of white wine bottles, you wog." - Charles de Gaulle

"But how can you support freedom in Tunisia while opposing it in Egypt?"
- Robert Gibbs

"That dark shadow that haunts your nightmares, that caped vision bearing swift and violent justice--is it a ghost? Some imagined spirit? No, it is I, Zorro the Fox!" - Joe Biden, chasing the Egypt delegation from the UN

"Most heroic of all, the Egyptian people still flood the streets, still know when and where to meet without the Internet, without social networking's instantaneous freedom. I'm baffled they even get up in the morning." - Thomas Friedman

"Loath though I am to say it, People of North Africa: You're welcome." - Bono

"Supporting Mubarak is a deadly mistake. The People will win, probably before the week is out. A dictator may learn to forget in exchange for shiny fighter jets and a blind eye, but the Dictatorship of the People will remember that at its birth you, you vile and debased hypocrites, you mealymouthed imperialists, you rooted for abortion. You could have toasted victory with us. Instead, you lined up against the wall beside Mubarak." - Nicki Minaj, Saturday Night Live

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