Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Assange, Part 2

"He must be fucked!" - Sen. Joe Lieberman on Julian Assange

"If a woman fucks a man with an ass' head on a midsummer's night in Sweden, will Interpol get involved?" - William Shakespeare

"Roll the fucking dice!!!" - Vladimir Putin

"I don't have a goddam thing to do with it, man!" - Wikipedia

"Sure, I gave him the servers when he said he'd pet me." - Jeff Bezos

"This is the room where many of the old ambassadors used to have their trysts. See there's a bird cage in the corner there. There's no bird in it now though. It's dead." - Sec. Hillary Clinton to Julian Assange at the Belgian Black Site

"When Assange told me that his rape charges were 'trivial' compared to the actions of the Unites States government abroad, I thought that was just dynamite. That's the kind of nuanced, amoral thinking that Americans just aren't capable of. But the thing he just doesn't get is that speaking truth to power doesn't work any more, at least not to this power. We all knew Iraq and Afghanistan were fucked--that the wars were based on lies, executed with disastrous incompetence, that local leaders are corrupt, et cetera. We didn't need documents to tell us. And you know what? We didn't care. It'll be the same when Mr. Assange gets disappeared. Everyone will know. Most of us will probably even feel bad about it. But none of us will care." - Larry King

"Fasten your seat belt, Jules. It's going to be a bumpy ride." - Louis Auguste Blanqui

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