Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sludge Dog, Gin Truth

"I just hope that I can learn to have sex with Jesus watching."
- Viktor Orbán

"Your heart has to burn with patriotism to make love to your enemy." - James Carville

"New York, that evil bitch goddess demon, on all fours with that fuck-me stare." - Mike Bloomberg

"I couldn't care less about jihad or the people who oppose it."
- Geert Wilders

"I am what Coolidge couldn't desire to be!" -Mitt Romney

"Stephen King is the novel's Steven Spielberg." - Steven Spielberg

"I'm tired of being Jewish." - Steven Speilberg, on Munich

"I would like people to think that I am as quick and clever and charming as the characters I write." - Aaron Sorkin

"I just shat myself!" - Jonathan Franzen

"I can't shit!" - Roger Ailes

"She brought all these friends of hers over. While she was out getting a baguette, I shat on them!" - Camus

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