Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gag Order

"I had a filthy dream about you. You were trying to violently seduce me in a pig sty, knee deep in mud and excrement. I think we may also have been related." - Tzipi Livni in an undated letter to Benjamin Netanyahu

"You can't shoot me, it's almost time for ice-cream!" - Ronald Reagan

"Whoa, Pat take it easy!"
"But Jimminy the hate tastes like Kool-Aid and I never get the headaches!"
- Spiro Agnew and Patricia Nixon

"The more depressed I am, the more free I am, for the more I suffer, the less I have to lose." - Barack Obama

"Q: If you want to change everything where do you begin?
A: Everywhere."
- US Dept. of Energy 2010 National Science Bowl semifinals

"Who could bring a child into a world like this?" - Ellen Page

"I can't go on. I'll go on." - Jeffrey Dahmer

"Goddam, how did it get to be eleven? I am so miserable and alone." - The Editors

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