Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lenin: Prom King

Metal churns.
Heavenly manna:
- from Thirty Three Odes to a Canary by Sebastián Piñera

"Implementing 'sustainable development' as enforced by the World Climate and Environmental Justice Tribunal will amount to euthanizing the global economy precisely as we are experiencing the greatest population boom in history, concentrated almost entirely in the burgeoning metropolises of the global South. This will induce an artificial crises of overproduction--of human labor. The inevitable solution will be the genocide of the Brown."
- Evo Morales, 2010 United Nations Convention on Climate Change

"I am the lipstick pig!"
- Vladimir Putin

"The best a man can hope for is not to drown in pig shit."
- Barack Obama, on quitting smoking

"I can't argue my point further, judge, because I love you!"
- Kenneth Starr to Justice Samuel Alito during Oral Argument

"Badfinger really fell apart when Lenin left."
"What the fuck is Badfinger?"
- George Harrison and John Lennon, 1992

"Inception was overrated and banal, using pretty visuals to hide the empty vision of a director who does not know how to dream.  The Social Network, on the other hand, lays bare the alienation and misanthropy required of a man who wishes to change our digital world.  It celebrates the void of the Giver after the delivery of his gift.  It is a masterpiece."  - Osama Bin Laden

"District 9 : Avatar :: Catfish : The Social Network" - Roger Ebert

"Lie to Me > House" - Armond White

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  1. "I still haven't seen Inception or Social Network." - No Innocents, guest contributor and author of the above post