Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Only Worthy Opponent Was Myself

"In times of peace the warlike man attacks himself." - Eliot Spitzer

"What strange new hell is this?" - Barack Obama, 4 July 1998
Nation Runs Back to Kanye like Rihanna to Chris Brown
- USA Today
"Comparing an artist to Andy Warhol is like finishing a game of pool in which some one has already sunk the eight-ball." - Andy Warhol
"There's a strange footnote in that case where Justice Thomas admits perjury."
"What case?"
"Bush v. Gore"
- Charlie Rose to Jeffrey Rosen
"Supreme Court transcripts are hilarious. Those people really need to go to the guillotine." -Former Solicitor General Ted Olson

"It feels so good not to be a nigger any more." - Juan Williams
Q: What did the foetus say to the teen mother?
A: Abort me.
"I set my law degree on fire to work for a comedy magazine!" - Editors of The Onion

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