Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jimmy McMillan is the man to lead New York

On Nov. 2, New Yorkers will make one of the most important choices for their State and destiny, before Manhattan forever tumbles into the sea. Their choice ought to be Jimmy McMillan.

We don't agree with him on every issue. We disagree with him that the word "damn" cannot be found anywhere in the King James Bible. What is compelling about Mr. McMillan is he knows one simple truth: The Rent is Too Damn High. Put simply, he can be trusted to make informal decisions based on the best interest of his state, come hell or some strange new hell.

McMillan is pro-love, always has been. He fights poverty and cynical apathy on a daily basis. With his Lieutenant Governor/Enforcer/Center-Left Democratic Cipher Andrew Cuomo, he'll thrash the Legislature like a vicious and loathsome cur.

We've known Jimmy a sufficient 2 days to believe in all he stands for. So Ponder this:

"McMillan's first run for political office came in 1993, when he ran for mayor of New York as an Independent. In the course of that campaign, McMillan was at one point tied to a tree and doused with gasoline; he would later climb the Brooklyn Bridge and refuse to come down from it unless television stations broadcast his message. He was ultimately disqualified from the ballot for coming 300 petition signatures short of the 7,500 needed to qualify for the general election ballot."

What Becomes a Legend Most?

McMillan/Cuomo for NY 2010

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