Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harmless, Beautiful, Proper, and Praiseworthy

"Everyone talks about 'black comedians' and 'black comedy', 'Hispanic comedians' and 'Hispanic comedy.' But White Comedy definitely exists, and it definitely sucks." - Henry Louis Gates Jr.

"I'd say the worst part of white comedy is the impressions. There are some geniuses out there, but they transcend the category. I'm talking about shit like Saturday Night Live. Faded facsimiles passing for wit. Black comedians have nothing to imitate. Are there any black people worth imitating? And every body else is off limits because audiences can't get past the color of your skin. That sets you free from "getting it right" and lets you just be funny. But then again maybe imitation is the only thing black comedians ever do. They imitate black people." - Tracy Morgan

"I'm cashing in." - Tyler Perry on For Colored Girls

"Black comedians are all too reliant on irritating catch phrases and bug-eyed, shit-eating grins. Sure. But white comedians are far more degenerate. All they do is explain why they're so goddamn funny. 'Am I right?'" - Jimmy Carter

"I watch a black comedian and I'm having so much fun it makes me feel like I'm funny too. I'm watching a white comedian and all I'm thinking is 'Gee, aren't I smart?'" - Dave Chappelle

"Jewish comedians : Black comedians :: Jewish Marxists : Black Marxists" - Wyatt Cenac

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