Monday, February 25, 2013

The Notebooks of Barack Hussein Obama II

My best years are behind me, or rather my capacity to have had best years...

I was young once, but I fucked it up.

Comfort rots the brain like sugar rots teeth.

Do not ask yourself, "Am I a good person?" Ask yourself, "Am I the person I want to be?"

To be is not to be: that is not a question. Self-annihilation is redundant.

If only I could recapture the hatred of my youth, my puritanical intolerance for anything that was not on the bleeding edge. If only there were a real, visionary Evil, something I could believe in...

Life is always worse than you want, but never as bad as you dream.

I dreamt I was a coyote ripping open a jackrabbit's throat... I dreamt of velvet and hissing and hard thrusts... something roiling in the night...

Sleep deprivation is the new black.

Is it shameful to laugh at these lines, which are, afterall, but the echo of oppression?
We don’t have any other choice.

The only Beatles records I can listen to anymore are The White Album and Let It Be.
What the hell is wrong with me?

If you haven't seen Ecstasy of the Angels, you have no reason to live, or rather to die.

To what extent is my infatuation with sexually explicit art films responsible for my real life sexlessness? What, for that matter, of my love for political art?

I wish there were a third or fourth gender. Life would be richer...

...or at least more complexly impoverished...

...thoughts form like mist and dissipate... but through the fog... the muffled roar of bombs...

Just because you live in a country where nothing ever changes doesn't mean that's the way it's supposed to be.

Nowhere in this world are any two peoples at war with one another: There are people living their lives, and then there are people trying to rule them.

The thing about Americans is their zeal for letting others kill on their behalves.

...the preciousness with which imperial nations treat (most of) their own citizens lives, equaled only by the vindictiveness with which they persecute their enemies...

We are all J. Christopher Stevens. We are all Sean Smith. We are all Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. We are all Gilad Shalit.

Only a King can enslave. Therefore, only a King can make free.

One can help society by helping individuals and vice versa. And can help individuals without helping society and versa vice. Yet the idea that rules the age is to help society by not helping individuals and to help individuals by not helping society.

"Society" and "individuals": two lips that never kiss.

All that Modernity has accomplished, it has done by treating human beings as matter.

...the urge to say something, to have something to say... mind searches for a salve, yet all is poison...

We owe it to ourselves to speak the truth, and we owe it to truth to remain silent.

I'm comfortable with the regrets I'll have.

- from the Tablet of Barack Hussein Obama II

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