Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Like Tears in Rain

"I believe that one day a double-amputee athlete will be able to bash his fucking woman's brains in even more ferociously than his able-bodied peers." - Oscar Pistorius

"Is there no happiness in this life?" - Manti Te'o

"This is going to sound insensitive, but I can't help but admire it." - Lance Armstrong

"Good athletes are all fucking jacked up atavist rapists." - O. J. Simpson

"Better to be Jodi Arias than Reeva Steenkamp." - Nicole Brown Simpson

"Nothing turns me on more than pictures of dead girls." - The New York Post 

"Every new detail that emerges about this grisly crime is more erotic than the last." - Jacob Zuma

"Entitlement, paranoia, and barbarism: a perfect distillation of white South Africa." - Jack Abramoff

"Just look at South Africa: there is an enlightened place, where every man has the right to protect his trophies from his trophy." - Wayne LaPierre

"I did not think I was shooting at my girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. I thought I was firing blindly at the black man in my bathroom." - the Confession

"It's legally impossible for a paraplegic to commit murder. Every man of science knows that the black humors accumulate around the knees." - the Defence 

"Why'd you do it!"
"It wasn't me, judge! It was the performance enhancing drugs I intentionally took to excel at largely symbolic events!"
- the Exoneration

"O, my country, you have no heroes." -  Nelson Mandela, awaking from a dream about a snail crawling across the edge of a razor unscathed

"No amount of gates and guns and armored guards can protect you from love." - Chris Brown

"Hate will find a way." - Desmond Tutu

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