Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scream of Stone

"I have often thought about the theory of panpsychism, what the coltan thinks, whether it can scream..." - former Cabot Corporation CEO and US Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman

"It just works!" - Steve Jobs on the internet/slave labor

"This rock. Beautiful, isn't it?"
"How do you know if it's quality?"
"Your nose starts to bleed just looking at it."
- Chuck Hagel and Charlie Rose on a motorcycle tour of Africa

"Giant boulders in the sky..." - Tim Cook passes out in the sun after too much overseeing

"There's no such thing as humane mining." - Frederick Engels

"And when the last Foxconn worker committed suicide there was silence on heaven and earth for half an hour." - John of Patmos

"I put on the Google Goggles, it was just like They Live!" - Gavin Newsom

"And worst of all, there were no day care services at the mine." - Nicholas Kristof

"With our new app, you can tell what part of the mine your children are working in!" - Mark Zuckerberg, Facelessbook Inc. HQ

"Any doubts that the world was my oyster were quickly dispelled by my trip to Kinshasa." - Priscilla Zuckerberg

"Leave your heart in San Francisco. You won't need it here." - Sergey Brin

"I hate to say it, but Leopold was way ahead of his time." - SFchaz415, Yelp user review of the La Trappe Gastropub on Russian Hill in San Francisco, California, USA

"You know, Beethoven may have been of African descent." - Paul Kagame shouting over the cacophony

"When will this war end?"
"Whenever we pick the winner."
- the G20 share a hardy laugh about the Permanent Congo War
"I have a suspicion that boycotts are not really about fighting anything but about beautiful souls wanting to stay stain-free, a desire that dovetails neatly with a, I won't say prejudice but distaste for certain kinds of people. For the movement to boycott conflict minerals, the stain is black flesh." - Judith Butler

"Read your shrill anti-mining post on my iPhone, way to go!" - #billclinton

"Would I do it all over again? Yes." - Steve Jobs

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