Sunday, May 13, 2012

What We're Capable Of

"I'm starting to realize that the most honest way to make money is just to go corporate." - Occupy Wall Street

"Our system of justice imposes a burden of proof that cannot always be met. Therefore, Evil is ineradicable: there are always those who will get away. To compensate for those crimes that go unpunished, unproven, a corresponding number of innocents must be sacrificed. Too many and the People lose incentive to follow the rules. Too few and the Evil that lurks in the heart of men grows bold. Deviousness, disobedience, slackness, and backsliding run rampant. It is a matter of finding the right proportion. For the maintenance of order and the perpetuation of excellence, the miscarriage of justice is just as important as its merciless and thorough administration. " - Paul Browne

"The police force is the best place for a liberal society to keep its fascists. It contains and neutralizes them, even makes them useful, puts them to work enforcing the rule of law rather than undermining it, holds them at arms length from the true halls of power while appropriating their love of violence for more enlightened ends. The police is to the far right as academia is to the far left." - Michael Bloomberg

"Strange creatures of wonder making love in secret bases we'll never know of, but their love is without sex, a decadent search for lost youth in a sphere rapidly filling with carbon. It's enough to make a man cast his lot with the drones!" - Roger Ebert, review of The Avengers

"We are all just pieces of meat, but we misrecognize each other as human beings. Agency, interiority, self: these are illusions. If you prick us, do we not bleed? No. Blood simply runs, and the blade sets it free. But the illusion is real! Its effect upon the brain becomes determinant. I think I am, therefore I am: that's how Entities are born. Therefore, when I put on this mask, perform this dance, and sing the ancient songs, I really do become a god." - Mitt Romney, Staples management seminar

"Mr. President, if I ruled the world--"
"--your politics would be different? HAW HAW HAW!"
- Jay Carney, Barack Obama

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