Sunday, May 20, 2012


"Let's get inaustere!" - François Hollande

"The French make love out of passion, the Germans out of duty, Americans out of self-love or self-pity, and the British simply despite themselves." - Slavoj Zizek, G8 guest lecture, Camp David

"This generation has a clear choice: you can either be Max von Sydow in The Seventh Seal or Rihanna in Battleship." - George W. Bush, Rice University commencement address

"Watching this magnificent 75th anniversary restoration of Grand Illusion, I cannot help but be overcome with shame." - Janet Napolitano, Village Voice

"The pen is not mightier than the sword, no. But without the pen, the sword has no reason to swing." - John Yoo

"To be like the shark that unknowingly consumes itself and its pack in the feeding frenzy around the whale." - Matt Rhoades, asked the Romney campaign's strategy
"Was it prostate cancer, doctor?"
"No, nurse, Mark Zuckerberg's marriage killed the Lockerbie Bomber."
"What have I done?! I shorted Zuck's marriage when I should have shorted his stock!" - Jamie Dimon losing his bearings

"Death! Do not spare me! I am ready to dine at your table! I am ready to lick your plates! I am ready for seconds!" - Eduardo Saverin before his caning in Singapore for 'general obsequiousness'

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