Thursday, May 24, 2012

Montreal, je t'aime

Q: What looks like a panda but speaks French like a penguin?
A: Montreal Anarchopanda!
"Did you even write down your Constitution, or did you just drizzle it on some pancakes?" - outraged butter aficionado Antonin Scalia on Loi 78

"Yes, the fines for violation of Loi 78 seem exorbitant, but you have to remember, it's Canadian dollars." - Premier of Quebec John James Charest

"Thank God for the Red Square. Our movement has finally found its symbol! The lead paint in this Chinese Guy Fawkes mask was giving me brain fever." - Naomi Klein

"Ne me touchez pas, flic! Ce n'est pas un masque, c'est mon visage!" - Celine Dion

"Telling are times in which New Amsterdam looks yearningly to Ville-Marie. While the Canucks gather their warm, alert bodies in numbers so daunting and sustained that their rulers write their trembling into law, the frigid knickerbockers amble groggily through their haze of digitally lubricated, onanistic indifference." - NYC Press Secretary Stu Loeser

"Now this is Sparta!" - Gerard Butler

"Don't you talk to me about 'you're a family man, you want protest to be safe.' Police are the ones who bring violence into what would otherwise be a matter of traffic delays."
"But what about the Black Blocs?"
"So some windows get smashed. Then they have to buy new ones and pay people to install them. Why, its creates a multiplier effect! Boosts the local economy! Transfers wealth from corporations to small businesses!"
"But what about the man who has to clean it all up?"
"Guess what: he'd still be a janitor either way. The problem isn't property damage. The problem is property."
"You're an old snake, you know that!"
- Christopher Plummer and Marc Parent, Chef du la service de police de la Ville de Montréal

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