Monday, February 13, 2012

Surf the Wall

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov returns from another futile outing.

"I war you." - Vladimir Putin, Valentines Day

"Do not blame me because I saw clearer."
- Hosni Mubarak, last words (written)

"Are you the Gatekeeper?"
"I am for you, today."
- Barack Obama, trembling in the shadow of the Gate as he holds the hand of Xi Jinping

"It is with a humble and solemn tone that this Court does the unthinkable. We now institute the Doctrine of Legal Futurism."
- Chief Justice Roberts, The Last Free Peoples v. The Portal (2014)

"Eat the placenta!" - Sen. Rick Santorum at the Height of his Powers

"These legs were made for you and now they are closing forever."
- Mother
Too tall to go over
Too deep to go under
Too thick to go through
Too wide to go 'round
Too hard to break down
Ain't nothing you can do

Can't stay put or it'll get you
Can't run away or it'll catch you
Can't do anything at all
No, you can't escape the Wall

- David Allan Coe, The Wall Is a Friend of Mine
"If the failure of communism was a century-long dramatization of the Fall of Man, then we persist afterwards as something even less than animals, who are indeed superior to us for never having been foolish enough to walk on two legs." - Billy Graham, 'I Watched Every Bela Tarr Movie,' Slate

"Not brunch but void... not an airplane but a skymall..." - Jimmy Carter dreaming of Iceland in McCarren Park, Brooklyn

"Power exists to exercise and intensify itself. Capital exists to multiply. In this country, capital and power have simply found a mutually beneficial way to cohabitate. It is not necessary for the police to realize that all they do is wage a war on the poor on behalf of the rich, any more than it is necessary for you to realize that I listen to you fuck your boyfriend through the wall and jerk off." - a graduate student

"God is his own absence, a void in the world. His inexistence makes death possible and consigns all things to ruin. How do we respond to this? With the rabid desire to tear everything down, to euthanize this disgusting abortion of a world, and, since we cannot have transcendence, to enjoy the next best thing: the thrilling experience of intensity that accompanies destruction, destruction motivated by a desire not just to destroy things and lives, but to destroy the very way we make sense of things and lives and their destruction, to destroy worlds, to revenge ourselves against God." - Fyodor Dostoevsky, pissing sitting down

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