Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Limits of Impossibility

"President Kennedy appeared before you all and denied that his faith made him anything more or different than the average American. I'm here to tell you all he was wrong, for we are greater than Americans of the Flesh, we serve the Great See and take our orders from first among the nations! Ego Sum Papa!" - Sen. Rick Santorum speaking to the Southern Baptist Convention to wild cheering for Inquisition and Patriarchy

"What's terrible about death is that it really is meaningless. People feel sad for a second, but the world goes on without you and generations follow happily ignorant of the fact that you ever existed. That's why the only real immortality lies in traumatizing as many people as possible so that you're never forgotten." - the Ginch

"I fucking drink elections!" - 'The New Mitt' pushing his son Tagg onto the living room carpet

"I'm sort of dissatisfied as my natural state of course, but I think of all the damn places and things, and I just gotta get whipped." - Ron Paul, Iniquity Peak, Colorado

“I’m talking about real creation. Ontological generation. We do not know what we are capable of. Break through one barrier and a new one emerges on the horizon. Only by imagining what lies beyond can we summon the will to penetrate, and only through transgression can we become more than what we are. Every crime makes new dreams possible. Yet, as time goes by, the archive of accomplished atrocities grows ever larger, and it becomes harder and harder to do anything original. The wall grows taller, more opaque, and the price for surpassing it dearer. That is why what I’m doing here is, yes, an artisanal triumph, a veritable master class in technique, but is really, above all, a victory of the imagination, of human freedom. I am an artist.” – Rick Santorum, Minnesota Institute for Vivisection

"Mr. President, why are you laughing so?"
"Oh, I just had a vision of the world engulfed by fire."
- Barack Obama, Jay Carney, November 6, 2012, 11:23 p.m.

"Yeah it was fucked up, but not nearly fucked up enough." - New Gin Ginch on the Rape of Tampa Bay

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