Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Missive on Reason's Passing

Dear Son Boy,

As you know your Ma and me visited with your sister in the western regions but too far south to reconnoiter with you all. And while we was there, Little Jen had foot ailments which occupied us in finding treatment. A blister festered and, while I have seen uglier wounds, the color and ooze disconcerted us. Your Ma is good with herbs and balms which eased the swelling and eventually the fever accompanying. Upon our return the weather has been gentler than we’d expect given for this time of year. Grampy is improved from the ague which struck him when you were holiday visiting but perchance may never be again what he was. He spends most days wrapped in a blanket staring out at the mountains muttering. Much of his babbling is about that cat and the brother he lost as a boy. I am unnerved spending more than a few minutes by his side. ‘Lonzo continues to urge another cat hunting trek. I think him reckless at times and counsel patience; he is afeared for the stock and yearns for revenge. ‘Lonzo says that cat is the devil’s disciple and not one of the Good Lord’s creatures. ‘Tween him and Grampy I am most unsettled in my mind and sleep.

Go in good grace,

Your Father

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