Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Were Republicans

"Let the rare be for the rare." - Jon Huntsman, on his candidacy

"Philistines get ahead." - Ron Paul

"I'm not asking, 'Do you believe in God?' I'm asking, 'Are you going to church today?'" - Michele Bachmann to Rick Santorum on whether he will even bother voting

"And as they sat hand in hand, watching the sun set on Tampa, waiting expectantly for a glimpse of the green ray, they wondered if they would ever see each other again. The answer, dear reader, was yes. We shall all see each other again in Hell." - The Romance of Chastity and Tod, Superdelegates by Herman Cain

"Bilious Ass Seeks Psychotic Power Mad Wife." - Personal Ad in Reader's Digest placed by Newt Gin-Ginch, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Giuliani, 1998
Des Moines Overrun by Latin-Speaking Spiders After Gin-Ginch Rally
"Capitalism, like faith, lifts us up from wretchedness to superior wretchedness." - Willard Romney

"I mean, lets be honest, the only thing less likely than Barack Obama winning is any of the people on this stage tonight winning." - Rick Parry

"Re-elected or reëlected?" - notes scrawled in pencil in the margins of a New Yorker by Barack Obama

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