Thursday, November 10, 2011

BrOccupy Penn State

"All that was once directly lived has become mere representation. There is no exterior to Spectacle. It is violence and destruction that we want in our own lives, the power to negate what we oppose, repel our adversaries, and defend our own existence, abilities that the State has taken from us. This is our battle to take it back, but we do not wish to take it for any representable/representational entity, be it 'Penn State,' '#occupy,' or a black bloc. These are joys, but they’re not joys of a role. We must not capture violence within the riot. Instead we must create new opacities which release violence for all." - Joe Paterno

Four girls in heels danced on the roof of a parked sport utility vehicle and dented it when they fell after a group of men shook the vehicle. College Fuck Fest shares skyrocketed.

"I die for the damn flag, creeds and leaders be damned!" - Timothy, Sigma Chi pledge

“You are hysterics who demand a new master. You will get one.”
- John Surma, Penn State University Board of Trustees Vice Chairman

"I'm not here to offer any alternative to organized protest, but rather to call into question the problematic impulse of any pretense towards creating any viable alternative to it. The negation of organization and of representation is ontological terrorism, a negation which finds the negative commune situated within the collective refusal of subjectivication, not further encroachment within it! Refusing to engage in acts of representation, but rather exploring spaces of opacity in which destruction can occur outside of any schematizing logic--this is the antipolitics of non-subjective refusal." - Jerry Sandusky

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