Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Touch Me, I'm a Marxist

"I'm in the fuck business." - Larry Summers to Li Yuanchao

"Whereof one cannot speak, one must fuck." - Hu Jintao, Dr. Hu's Guide to Harmonious Fucking

"Yo, if I wanna say the Afghan government is a Tampa Bay fuck den, I'll call it like a rooster!" - The Next Commander of Afghanistan

"Every time you lick your iPod, Steve Jobs' balls tingle in Hell." - a Recent Graduate

"Accept my gift of Scouts, Willard, they will do whatever you bid. Or do you do me a dishonor?" - Rick Parry to Willard Romney
"But, Citizen Robespierre, the Revolution will eat it's own children!"
"Baby wants to fuck!"
"What is there left to fuck?" - Schubert, upon hearing Beethoven's Late Quartets

"Just as love in its first flowering is in a sense immortal, so loneliness lasts forever." - Paul Krugman

"We are all sodomites now." - Trojan Condoms

"No one is more come-on-to than the girl who is really cute but also still approachable-looking. I fucking hate it. It makes me want to die." - Your Barista

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