Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oakland Ⓐ's

"While reports are saying between 5,000 and 20,000 protesters blocked the port, it was more like 40,000. A three mile stretch of road, four lanes wide, was filled with every variety of demonstrator. The mood was festive and triumphant. It remained so until I left at 11:30. I witnessed the occupation of the once and, now, future home of the Traveler's Aid Society at 520 16th Street. Reclamation of foreclosed houses and buildings across Oakland had been proposed at the General Assembly I attended earlier in the evening, and there was also discussion of constructing a network that could respond to calls for help in cases of eviction. The details of such interventions never came up, but it was interesting to see a small group of anarchist facilitators, strategically placed in a group of 300 protesters, guiding liberal mothers, fathers, and AskJeeves spreadsheet monkeys toward subtle, but violent rejections of imperial right. I guess what I'm asking is, after a victory like shutting down the port of Oakland, are we experiencing a unique moment of momentum that should narrow our tactics, or can we burn the banks without compromising the movement?"

- question from the audience to Martha Stewart @Google Talks

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