Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain Hits on You in a Taxi

"My doctor told me babies really do come from storks and fucking was just invented to sow division among labor."

"There is no ecstasy I would not deny myself in order to deny you the same."

"A man like me has many enemies. Let's get naked."

"Our lovemaking would be like removing Ray Charles from History."

"Woman's suffrage."

“You’ve got to Occupy Wall Street from Within.”

"Oh, I haven't touched myself since I saw that new Almodovar film."

"I'm a potential rape victim. That's how I conceive of myself as a woman."

“I eat the crust.”

"We are falcon and falconer, you and I!"

“Parry’s right, it’s all about universal love.”

"Would you like to see Meek’s Cutoff with me? It’s a sort of feminist revisionist Western. It’s got Michele Williams, who I think is just a fine lady actor, and that Bruce Greenwood, whom I regard as a sort of thinking man's Michael Douglas."

"Gingrich told me you were a resume builder. Wanna be a server?"

"If you don't accept the rose of my manful charisma tonight, then I will burn Venice to the ground, dear lady."

"A squirrel waved to me in the park today. You're like a wet noodle in that dress."

"Sometimes when I get a burger I just get lettuce for the meat instead of a bun. Do you ever do that?"

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