Sunday, July 17, 2011

You're Lying Celebrates the Success of Its First Five Year Plan

"Mmmm, so what's happenin' on Me Street, eh, Nancy?" - Editor Hirsute

"Blogs are the new whippits!" - Rob Lowe

"Hey, how 'bout this: 'Why drink beer when you can drink lemon flavored malt liquor? - Sen. Woman I-PR'?"
"Maybe you need a subscription to O."
"Hipster woman cause bed bugs, Admiral!"
"Look, do you want me to buy you a Playboy?"
- the Editors brainstorming with Admiral Mike Mullen

"Well, there's nothing better than a good party and nothing worse than a bad one."
"I thought we were talking about blogging?"
"I'll see you shitheads tomorrow."
- Barack Obama, asked for his opinion of the blog

"Have you seen Black Death?"
"Forget that--put me on your scooter and let's make it."
- an Editor's recurring nightmare

"One of these days we'll squeeze a little book out of this thing."
"Ha ha, what the fuck is a book?"
"2010 was really our most avant-garde time. The Arab Spring has ruined us. As with the Surrealists, the crushing actuality of revolution has driven us to libidinal escapism."
"We should accrue some meta-quotes about the blog and declare our Two and a Half Year Anniversary."
"I don't know, what is Wasted Ideology doing?"
"An Anniversary Extravaganza."
"We'll declare it our Five Year Anniversary then!"
- the Editors

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