Thursday, July 28, 2011

Future Legend

"If you don't stay tonight, I will take that plane tonight. I've nothing to lose, nothing to gain. I'll kiss you in the rain, kiss you in the rain..." - a slurring John Boehner making love to Harry Reid on the Capitol lawn, midnight, August 2

"...too, too high a price to drink rotting wine from your hands, your fearful hands...." - Eric Cantor to a fireplace full of currency

"Blue blue electric blue is the color of my room where I will live!" - Nancy Pelosi with pupils the size of grapefruit

"I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me ha ha ha hee hee hee!" - Michelle Bachmann

"Charlie Chan's back in town and the chips are down, I just cut and blackout, I'm under Japanese influence and my honor's at stake." - last words of Barack 'Yukio Mishima' Obama

"Baby, ive been braking glass in yr room again. Listen... DON'T LOOK AT THE CARPET. I threw something awful on it. See... YOU'RE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON... BUT YOU'VE GOT PROBLEMS. I'LL NEVER TOUCH YOU." - Timothy Geithner, farewell letter to his wife

"Every chance that I take, I take it on the road, never looking left or right, oh but I'm always crashing in the same car." - the People

..and in the death, as the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare, the shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building high on Poacher's Hill and red mutant eyes gaze down on Hunger City... no more big wheels... fleas the size of rats suck on rats the size of cats, and ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue, ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox, now legwarmers... family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald... any day now...
- from the vision diaries of Ron Paul Kahn

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