Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sex Nationalism

"Fuck who you will, but keep your hair out!" - Sarkozy

"Marriage is a defense against suicide but not its opposite."
- Carla Bruni

"I am a little tin soldier who wants to jump into your fire." - Tony Mod Blair

"Hide your daughters in vain, pharaohs of Napa!"
- Sean Penn in a Jeep

"I frequently can't fall asleep because my clitoris is so engorged by the thought of being raped." - Paz de la Huerta

"Yeah, doll, I like books too. Hey, are we making it?" - Jonathan Franzen at book group

"They're all pink on the inside." - Sidney Lumet, Queens NY, 1976

"Women are sub-intellects." - Roger Ebert

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