Thursday, April 14, 2011

Next Week on Bill Clinton NYC: Park Supervisor for Life

"Harlem's just, you know, 'beige' now, baby." - Bill Clinton

"Strip down to your armor and call me the Great Cyrus!" - Jimmy Carter, the wedding episode

"I can stand here proudly and say that I have personally bought every cab driver in the city a piece of cheesecake." - Bill Clinton

"Sometimes when I'm at Film Forum watching a rep film and there's a close-up of an old movie star on the screen, I feel myself to be in the presence of gods, super-normal beings brought back to life by a magic lantern, and I feel all the love I've never felt, and I'm certain that moment can last for ever." - Andrew Cuomo

"Yeah, Hillary and I can never quite make it except when we're at the Taj." - Bill Clinton at the Four Seasons

"Cold Spring's just a Rock Show these days, daddio." - Roger Ailes to a male stripper

"Every street is just a bowl of chili with my name on it!" - Bill Clinton

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