Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bye Bye Braverman

"A post! A post, I say! A post in my honor!"
- Sidney Lumet, feasting in Hell

"Sidney Lumet's ghost! Have you come to give me guidance on how to be a great filmmaker?"
"No, boy, I've come to reap your soul!"
- Tisch Film School, 2012

"I knew this day would come! Battle me in the Lake of Fire and one of us shall die the True Death!" - the ghost of Stanely Kubrick

"But colonel what shot shall we use for this gun."
"Crawl inside, boy, and I shall show you!"
- Sidney Lumet, Col. Teddy Roosevelt, 1898

"The Times characterizes Sidney Lumet as a director of 'conscience' but that's malarkey. What he's about is the existential pleasure of projecting 'I'm fucking hard' out into the megasphere." - Roger Ebert

"I have never met such a cruel man in my entire life." - Werner Herzog

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