Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hatetalk Express

"This isn't like regular steel: it's bullshit!" - Dagny Taggart

"My sex smells like sardines on burnt toast." - Michele Bachman

"I'm a pepperoni!" - Herman Cain

"Everything done by humans and other animals is excellent and divine." - Mitt Romney

"My shit looks like Plymouth Rock!" - Roger Ailes
"Holy shit! Mike Huckabee wrote every song for The Zombies!"
"Yeah, he also played bass on
There's a Riot Goin' On!"
"If you could go back in time and become Henrietta Pressburg, would you abort Karl Marx?" - a child's question to Sarah Palin, Grand Rapids, MI

"If I had only been born in Idaho I would have been some sort of sex god." - Tim Pawlenty

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  1. Q: How hard up does a black actor need to be before he appears in Atlas Shrugged?

    A: 2011