Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wet Hot Imperial Summer

"Mayor, the heat!"
"I sold all the fire hydrants to Qatar, we're doomed!"
- Drew Carey, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson

"Uniforms and death oaths." - David Brooks' plan for boys education

"I only regret that I have not one life to give for my country." - an aborted fetus, 2012 RNC, Tampa
It's All Down Hill From Here: A History of Park Slope
"It's like 'The Lady, or the Tiger?' but with all tigers." - Hillary Clinton on the Libyan elections

"The academic market is fucked, I should probably just beef up and go into Violence." - Andrew Sullivan, the voice of Blackwater

"One if by land, two if by sea, three if by drone." - Rand Paul

"Don't fire til you see the brown of their skin." - Gen. Stanley DarkChrystal, the Pan-Mediterranean Kinetic Conflict
Whatever Happened to the Man from Tomorrow?:
The John Boehner Story
"The whole world is run like the NCAA!" - Jerry Sandusky

"Marijuana can be exciting." - A.O. Scott on Savages

"What was it like growing up in Mexico?" - George Lucas to Catherine Zeta-Jones

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