Sunday, July 8, 2012

The New Man

"I'm the greatest sonuvabitch that ever lived!" - FDR, Long Island stag party

"That bastard! He's always cheerful on the wireless and he comes off so smooth on the radio. He's gotta be a Jew." - Adolf Hitler

"You say you killed all of them, Joe? Did you hear that, Winnie? Isn't that a gas? He killed them all!" - FDR, Yalta Conference

"The important thing is never to forget who you are and where you come from: Money." - FDR, Newport Summer Camp of Boys

"He's a good man but his smile frightens me horribly." - Albert Einstein

"The man's greatest virtue was that he looked upon war as a child does." - Winston Churchill

"Oh, it's grand not having legs, I like getting down in the muff." - FDR, telegram to Franco

"Al here's a Jew, but he's all right, isn't he, Harry?"
"That's right, Frank."
"Al's a real smart one, he's going to help us beat the Krauts!"
- FDR introducing Einstein to his Cabinet

"Struck down the NRA did they? Well, that's not sporting at all. Say, boys, can we arrest them all?" - FDR on the Supreme Court

"Well, come on the boat with us, dear. We'll bring out the grog and push each other into the river."
"You're always on something."
- Franklin and Eleanor

"I could not have hoped to serve a greater master, or a crueler warrior." - Fala

"Now you listen to me, Harry. Don't you dick around with Joe. Joe's just like me, Harry. And you know what I'd do to you if you dicked me around." - FDR's dying words

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