Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Revolution Is Not a Gallery Opening

“I met this young guy, a painter or something, in a bar in Clinton Hill and he was like, I’m not goin' down to the Occupy Wall Street because that’s some mamby pamby bullshit. And he said, Rick, I hope you win, I hope everything just keeps getting worse and worse until it finally gets so bad that people finally stop protesting and start picking up guns. And I said to him, well, fella, I appreciate yer support, but I gotta say, ONE: if you ain't like to go out to some mamba pamby hold hands and drum circle bullshit protest, I got a hard time believin yer ever gonna pick up a gun, and, TWO: if yer the type a fella that can't express himself except by pickin up a gun, well I just ain't sure I can trust you to wield ANY kind of violence responsibly whether its legitimate, revolutionary, or whatever.” – Rick Parry

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