Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Revolution Without Cynicism

"At last we become the object of our desires." - Brooklyn

"Efficacy is a macho fantasy." - Seattle

"We want your jobs!" - the underemployed

Bloomberg Calls for 'Age of War'

"The wall (street) at the end of history is insurmountable."
"Aren't you a fucking television critic?"
- Ginia Bellafante, Glenn Greenwald

"I don't know who to trust!" - Howard Stern

Mounted Police Defect, Demand Tribute From Nearby Duane Reades

"Behind every leaderless revolt is a hierarchy of fucking." - Billy Ayers

"If you loved the birth of the Revolution, wait till you eat the placenta." - Thom Friedman at the Bloomberg Battle Dome

"The light at the end of the tunnel is black." - Michele Bachmann

"The Revolution was worth the come down, baby!" - Jean-Paul Marat

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